hiding in the forest

the truth hides in the forest

the one in fairy tails

dark and mysterious

unknown paths and trails

only the brave, the curious

dare to venture in

and discover the beautiful and ugly

truths that have been hidden

i want to have the courage

i want to find the strength

but a few steps in the forest

is all that it takes

to send me running out in fear

of what i might find

the truth can really hurt sometimes


bittersweet lips

I wanted those lips to be coated in sugar

to taste something perfectly saccharine

I wished for her kiss to taste like a sundae

the sweetness overwhelming me entirely

so it did

if my tongue wasn’t touched by my dreams

I would have experienced what was really there

I would’ve smelt a harsh scent

hidden in the sweetened air

maybe it would’ve tasted true

like biting into a coffee bean

crushing the bits of bitter between my teeth

a taste that refused to leave

a love that was so bittersweet